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A driver is a small piece of software that allows your hardware to interact with software/Windows 10. Hardware manufacturers are constantly releasing new and better optimized drivers for the hardware to increase speeds.

The free software provides a visual way to view what’s dropbnox on your drive, with each file and folder sorted in color-graded boxes. These small programs are assigned to open up when your Windows 10 is loading. Although on their own they will likely have a small impact, cumulatively they can slow down your Windows 10 loading speed and therefore affect overall performance. It is also possible that if you have Windows 10 installed on a small partition or hard drive/SSD that any extra programs will make your disk space critical.

But in order to catch everything on this list and return your PC to like-new performance, you’d need to uninstall programs . And you’d need to dig deep into your system and manually turn off services, scheduled tasks, and more — and then turn them back on again in case something goes wrong. More than 80% of PCs still have a mechanical hard disk drive . It’s essentially a rotating platter accessed by a moving read/write head — like a turntable playing a vinyl record, or a laser head reading a DVD. In contrast to all other PC components that process data, this mechanical approach is painfully slow.

Removing programs from your computer can typically take a good chunk of your time, so make sure to set aside a couple hours to run through your full list of apps. Uninstall anything that you don’t use or recognize, though make sure to cross-check your answers using the resources on the internet. Some apps may also require you to restart your computer, though in some cases you can hold off on doing this until you’ve uninstalled multiple apps. After you’ve removed your programs, take a day or two to use your computer as normal and feel it out. Make sure everything still works as intended and that you didn’t uninstall any necessary software.

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And while the graphics card market at least offers the ability to use external graphics cards in a housing using modern IO for connections, there’s no way to power an external CPU. The application itself is rather basic, but using it can be the difference between saving your files, photos, and music collection and losing everything because you failed to recognize a dying hard drive. Simply boot the application, select your drive from the main menu, and check out the basic information provided about your drive. You can also use a disk monitor for an easy way to check on the health of standard disk drives. Our recommended disk monitor is WinDirStat, a tool for analyzing your hard drive storage space and making smart decisions about the state of your hard drive.

The drastically decreased hardware speeds have a direct impact on your Windows 10 performance. A processor running at half speed is going to struggle to operate Windows 10 efficiently with multiple applications open. If all the cleaning methods mentioned above aren’t giving you the space you need, you might consider uploading some of your larger files to a cloud service, such as OneDrive or Google Drive. While accessing files from the cloud might take a bit longer, cloud services are a good solution if you’re constantly running low on hard disk space. The advice in this section is about how to clean up your computer and eliminate all the built-up digital junk that’s clogging your machine.

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We’ll show you how to clean out your hard drive, how to identify and remove useless programs, and how to migrate your files to cloud storage to free up more space on your PC. Additionally, your hard drive isn’t meant to switch between tasks at rapid speed — that’s why you have RAM. If you rely too heavily on virtual memory, your machine’s performance may suffer even more severely than before.

Typically, apps that are required for general usage can be re-downloaded from your manufacturer’s site. This will open your settings menu and allow you to begin uninstalling applications from your device. You can search for specific applications by name, or you can scroll through an alphabetical list. Be careful not to uninstall anything you aren’t familiar with, as some apps are needed to properly control your computer without error messages. Unlike RAM and hard drives, there’s no laptop that contains an easily-replaceable processor.

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